Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Seven "Gems" - Sedona's litter

Our yellow lab, Sedona, gave birth to seven puppies on Saturday, March 5th. Sired by Legacy's Willcare's Nicholas of Carmel, NY. First pup born at 6 AM, quickly followed by four others in the next two hours; then a long and challenging afternoon of on-again, off-again labor that produced two more healthy pups, for a total of four girls and three boys. All pups are yellow in color, with some having the darker markings that are characteristic of Sedona.

As is our custom, each litter has a theme for which each pup is named. This litter's theme is gemstones, so we have names (and sex) as follows: "Diamond" (M), Amethyst (M), Ruby (F), Peridot (M), Aquamarine (F), Amber(F), and Tourmaline (F).

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