Friday, June 23, 2006

Nearly Six Weeks! (Mingus Litter)

As summer begins, our little rompers are earning their nicknames. They love to chase our two ducks, giving their feathered friends a good run for the money. One pup will chase a duck only to be distracted by mother, Mingus, who happens to be standing with a couple of nursing kin below her. Soon another pup spots the quacking duo and attempts to catch up to the wadders before they escape to the baby pool. Quite a sight.

The litter will be six weeks old on Sunday, and they continue to grow, now averaging about 12 lbs. each. They're fed three times daily with our favorite kibble, from Canidae. We like this brand because it is an all-ages balanced food. No need to transition from puppy chow to adult to senior fare. This makes it easier for the owner. All you have to do is use portion control. As a puppy grows it will consume twice the daily requirement of a two year old adult. After six months, feedings are reduced to twice daily and portions can be gradually cut back. We monitor the weight of our dogs, insuring they get plenty of exercise, but adjust their portions to maintain a healthy size.

We've moved the puppies outdoors during the day. Their favorite hangout is around our kids' playscape. They can find a cool shady place to burrow and snooze, or they can play tag around the legs of the playscape itself.

We've been quite busy with other tasks but will soon update our site with new photos.