Monday, May 29, 2006

Eyes Right!

Those of you with some military experience (hey, even watching your local Memorial Day parade may qualify) recognize the title as the command given to parading troops as they pass an American flag flying to the right of their formation. However, now that America has an all-volunteer military, you may instead understand the title to refer to eyesight. And, in this case, you're right! Two weeks after their birth, our pups are beginning to see their world for the first time.

They eyes start out blue but will darken to brown in the coming days and weeks. Next up: walking!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Introducing our NEW litter -- Aloha from Hawaii!

We had a welcome treat on Mother's Day when our black lab, Mingus, gave birth to EIGHT gorgeous pups. Perfect symmetry: Four black, four yellow. Four males, four females. Two black males, two black females. Two yellow males, two yellow females... what are the odds of that?!

Mingus had an easy delivery. Pups weighed between 13.5 and 17. 5 ounces. As is our tradition, our litters are given temporary names around a theme. This year, to honor our recent trip to Hawaii (Glenn returned to his roots after 29 years!), we decided to give the puppies temporary Hawaii-like names. I say "Hawaii-like" for a reason, as you will see.

We have Plumeria (flower used in making leis), Nene (Hawaiian goose), Hanauma (after the famous snorkeling bay), Guava (well, we visited a guava plantation), Macadamia, Matsumoto (a famous brand of "shaved ice" - Yummy!), Pearl Harbor (we have a black pup with a pearl of white on her chest), and of course, Humuhumunukunukuapua'a (also known as the Hawaiian trigger fish -- you may find us calling this one simply "Trigger").

Hawaiian Trigger fish