Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Down to Two!

Yesterday, four puppies went home to spend the holidays with their new families! Yea! What an exciting way to spend the remainder of 2008... and yesterday, one of the three remaining females, Mistletoe, went to Windsor, CT. The amazing thing about this family is that they had owned a SISTER of our matriarch, Caicos, (and grandmother to the current litter). Now, what are the odds of that? They got their 'Breeze' (or Bries?) twelve years ago whereas our Caicos was born about 11 years ago--but the same parents!!! So, it was touching to see them get a grandniece of their dog (which sadly passed away in February).

St. Nicholas will be picked up the day after Christmas, and Kris Kringle will join his family after the holidays. That leaves Star and Snowflake, two lovely little girls that are a bundle of fun.

Of note, last week we had a couple looking at a puppy but they were reluctant to make a decision and decided (at the time) they weren't ready; yesterday they called back--but the puppy they were interested in had been picked by another family. Selecting a puppy is an involved decision. But there seems to always be another family or person ready for a puppy; perhaps things were meant to work out this way...

Monday, December 22, 2008

And Then There Were Three...

Three very lovely girls are still looking for that perfect match... we have "Mistletoe", "Star", and "Snowflake" each ready to go a loving home. We've had two calls today so by the time you read this the pick may be down to one. But, oh, each is so cute and cuddly that the best may be saved for last. Other than coloring the base of their tails each day with a Sharpie® to distinguish them you might look for Mistletoe's round belly--she's seems to make her way up to the food bowl quicker than the others! Right now, in reality, they ALL love to eat!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow Way!

Yippie! It's snow time for the pups. The nearly 9 inches of snow on Dec 19th was quite an experience for these little guys, who weren't sure what to do with all the white stuff. At first, they were tentative and a bit afraid but once the fun began these little guys plowed their way through... (By the way, the smudge on St. Nicholas' forehead was a result of poking around under our parked vehicles!)

We've taken to feeding the pups outside--more convenient and less mess for everyone concerned. It's a riot, releasing them from their whelping box enclosure for feeding time. It's a yellow stampede for the kitchen door and then a race to the three bowls at the edge of the driveway. These guys have it down now. Anytime we open up the gate they race for the door. They're also learning to relieve themselves OUTSIDE--they're so anxious to get to the food that there's no stopping inside for 'business'.

And of course, once play and dinner is done there was time for a nightcap courtesy of Bromley.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Ivy grows on Madison

Our white-haired "Ivy" will be joining her new family in Madison, CT. She's going to have a blast with the three boys in her new family. It wasn't easy deciding between her and the other females... they're all so cute and cuddly that each will be a 'best pick'. It turns out the holiday break will be a great time for families to get their new puppy--winter vacation and a puppy? It doesn't get much better than that! Okay, throw in a good snowstorm over break and now we're talking!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

HAPPY Holly!

The first puppy pick has been made and it is... Holly! Lucky girl, she gets to reside right here in Essex, with her yard right next to the Connecticut River. What better home could a lab want? Other prospective owners will be making their selections this week.

In the meantime, PLAYTIME RULES! With a break in the cold weather the pups have had a chance to check out the sights, sounds, and smells of the outdoors. The side lawn, to be exact. Yippie! Twigs, leaves, cold grass and most importantly, lots of space to romp! (It's also makes 'clean up' easier for us, if you know what we mean!). Alas, the weather turns colder going into the weekend...