Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Where art' thou, puppy?

Our much anticipated litter from Sedona did not materialize as we'd hoped and expected. Nor, as that sentence may suggest, do puppies appear magically. As with people, occasionally dogs can exhibit signs of fertility without actual fruition (no pun intended...). In Sedona's case we witnessed a false pregnancy and thus, no puppies this time around. Fortunately, we have a backup plan.

Sedona's mother, Bromley, who just LOVES puppies gamely stepped to the plate, raised her paw, and will be the surrogate mother, or in reality, the real mother, of our next litter. We expect her puppies around March 10th. This, too, will be an all yellow litter. Legacy Willcare's Nicholas is the sire. He's fathered litters for us before and produces outstanding kiddoe's. We have our fingers and paws crossed.