Monday, November 20, 2006


Puppies are active for 10 minutes and then can snooze for a few hours--unless a brother or sister intervenes and bites an ear! These guys are now nearly six weeks old.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Solid Food, Scamperers

The pups are growing into their personalities. Now four weeks old, their eyes and ears have been open for about two weeks and they now pick up on sights and sounds outside the whelping box. Solid food is now on the menu and they love to be carried into the kitchen to tear into their chow. Here, they're waiting anxiously to be picked up and carried to FOOD!

Today was warm enough for them to get a taste of the outdoors. This is always an anxious experience for a new puppy. New sights and sounds, as well as textures and obstacles await. The most surprising is the step off the porch (it's a long way down when your legs are only three inches long!); really, it's more a stumble than a step. After a few minutes one or more pup invariably finds its way through the fence cordoning off our fishpond. Only 10 minutes into the adventure, "Jack Sparrow" is shivering and ready to return to the warmth of the INDOOR whelping box!

Bromley's Litter - 10/7/2006

Our Bromley gave birth to nine healthy pups, six boys and three girls, all yellow. As is our custom, each litter has a theme and the pups are named accordingly. This year we traveled to Disney World and so our pups are: Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Beauty, Beast, Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, Jack Sparrow (Pirates...), Prince Charming, and Snow White. To distinguish each yellow puppy from another we mark the base of their tail with a colored Sharpie pen.

All pups were born healthy and were fairly uniform in size, at just about 1 lb. each.