Saturday, November 19, 2005

Fun on a Sunny Day

It may be cold outside but when the sun is shining, it's time to get out and see the world. And that's what our guys did this morning. "Mammoth", a.k.a. "Collins" and "Bryce" discovered the chicken coop for the first time. Both hen and pups eyed each other curiously for a few moments. If only these digital cameras were more responsive (need fresh batteries, I think).

When out together puppies waste no time finding mom, and today was no different. As the weening process progresses the mother dog becomes more tolerant and eventually gives in to the play atmosphere. Mingus isn't quite there yet but, as you can see, she doesn't have much choice.

Meanwhile, here's a look a few other little guys from this litter:
That's "Zion", (M) and "Yellowstone" (F)

We still have three pups available... why not bring some playful joy into your home this holiday season?

Wow! Six weeks already?

Hard to believe how fast time goes by, and how quickly little pups become big pups! At six weeks it's time to see the vet for first shots. In customary fashion, our litters arrive in the office as little snoozers. What a mellow bunch!

We've been very pleased with the temperment of Mingus' litter, especially with people. You can pick up any puppy and hold it on its back and it will just stare into your eyes (or give you a lick!). No thrashing or flailing about with these guys. Why? We think a lot of a dog's temperment is derived from how it is raised early on. From the very beginning we work with our pups to condition them to human contact. They're very comfortable with us now. So when they arrived at the vet's office, this is what he saw:

Don't get us wrong, they're not always like this. In fact, they're reaching the stage where they like to play for up to 45 minutes before hitting the snooze button. There's a fair amount of puppy snarls as they chase each other's tails and romp with their Aunt Bromley and Cousin Sedona.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Online Store Open!

Whew! We did it! Our NATURALS business (soaps, lip balm, honey, etc.) got off to a good start this summer as we expanded into shows and fairs. Now, our website is up and so is the
online store. All of our products, from our organic honey to handcrafted soaps are available for purchase.

We have some exciting new soaps, and even gift "Bath Tubs".
Customers have a variety of shipping options (though we're still working out the kinks for the USPS option), or can arrange to pick up their items.