Friday, November 30, 2007


Our Third Annual OPEN HOUSE SALE is set for Saturday, Dec 8, from 12 - 6 PM. We hope you can stop by to do some holiday shopping and will sip some warm mulled cider and enjoy some good cheer.

We'll have our kitchen and dining room filled with our handcrafted soaps, skin creams and lip balms (winter's here--time to stock up!), beeswax candles, and our organic honey. This year we also have our own infused organic lavender honey. Consider stopping by our website to place an order online or simply to get some ideas of what we have for sale.

Parking will be on the grass and along the road, if you can't find a spot near the door. You may also be able to take a peak at our newest litter of lab puppies! We hope to see you there! Driving directions can be found at our website.