Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Little Snowflake got a visit from Santa following our viewing of the Macy's Day parade. She gave him a kiss but was a bit startled by the result. The pups have become 'little dogs' with their individual personalities starting to develop. They're now playful with each other and with us and are beginning to romp when they venture outside the whelping box.

They've also started eating solid food this week. We feed them Canidae, our favorite dog food. It has four protein sources and no grain. We find that feeding this food from puppyhood on minimizes the development of food allergies. In fact, we ran out of Canidae a few weeks back for our adult dogs and in the emergency went to the grocery store and picked up some Purina ONE. Big mistake. By the end of the week every one of our five dogs had developed ear infections. Don't know what's in that kibble but it was most disagreeable to our dogs.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Four Weeks and Time to Play

Four weeks old... already?! Now the fun begins. Our adult and teenage dogs are now allowed by Bromley to play with the young 'ens in the whelping box. Sedona's mothering instinct came into play as the babies tried to nurse from her (just like Bromley did for Sedona's pups). Meanwhile, Bryce is at home with pups crawling up and over and all around her. That is, until she finds her nyla-bone and then she's all business.

This week will be a transition for the puppies and for us, too. At four weeks old they're ready to transition to solid food. Bromley's probably ready too, though of all our dogs she is the last to wean her pups. But with the puppies doubling in size nearly every week she's maxed out her capacity to share calories.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Three Weeks!

What a difference a week makes! Eyes open and beginning to roam, these little guys are summed up with one word: CUTE! This is little "Snowflake" one of five females in this litter. They're finding their voices, too! Tonight they enjoyed romping with our 10-month old lab, Bryce, in the whelping box. Even Aunt Sedona got into the act, crawling in to let the pups phantom nurse. What a family affair...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Another Sedona Pup

Here's "Kipper" who was also known as "Jerome" in our Arizona-themed litter this Spring. He's also the brother of "Phoenix", shown in our last posting. A handsome guy, weighing in at 49 lbs., who loves to swim, according to his owner, Sabrina. Kipper's father, Nicholas, sired our newest litter and we expect these pups to be just as beautiful. Keep those photos coming!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Growing Up Pups - Past Litters

We love hearing from owners of our puppies and getting pictures is even more fun. Here is the fox red female "Phoenix", from Sedona's litter last Spring. A spitting image of her mom!

Today, we heard from the owners of the pup we called "Matsimoto", son of our MIngus. That's him on the left. Beauty, eh?

Two Weeks Already?!

Their eyes have opened, their snouts are black, and these little guys now stand to eat. Each pup now weighs some 3 lbs. My how they've grown! Check out some more photos at: look for Bromley Pups. Also note that we changed Rudolph's name to Kris Kringle at Nadia's request. Ho! Ho! Ho!