Monday, October 12, 2009

New Litter Coming Spring 2010

Our usual winter litter has been delayed as we wait for our Sedona's heat cycle. We have a list of anxious puppy-owners-to-be. Contact us if you'd like to learn more about our puppies.

Honey Season Coming to Close

Our bees came through in fine fashion this year, producing a record crop of the most outstanding tasting honey in Connecticut! We had three harvests, in mid July, early August, and mid September, each with distinctive colors and taste

Our mid-July harvest was our earliest ever, coming two weeks sooner than usual and was the most remarkable honey we've ever had: very pale yellow in color, it was made up of significant amounts of locust honey which bloomed profusely in the first week of June.

Three weeks later, wild raspberry nectar provided a beautiful addition of light-to ruby red honey that when blended with the earlier honey produced a rich but mild honey with a hint of berry flavor.

Finally, in September, the bees had finished ripening a deep red amber honey consisting of Japanese knotweed, jewelweed, and tulip poplar nectars--our darkest honey yet--that was more complex and richly flavored than the two harvests from earlier in the summer.

TASTE makes our honey memorable and preferred by non-honey lovers three-to-one!