Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Cottonwood -- One of the 'gang'

'Cottonwood', the last heroine in our Sedona litter, is enjoying life as a 'real dog' now that her litter mates have gone on with their new lives. What do we mean? Instinctively, dogs like to live in packs and she's at home hanging out with the rest of the gang. When puppies are together they tend to roam and explore (and sometimes wander!); alone, they find comfort in being one with the pack. Thus, even though she's the last, she's the easiest to care for. Well, no longer confined to the puppy enclosures, i.e., the whelping box or puppy pen, she gets to be with the big family, that is, her mother, grandmother, great grandmother, aunt, and cousin. Where's Cottonwood? Just look for one of the big dogs and you'll find her right nearby.

We often have prospective owners looking to replace a recently deceased 'best friend'. Sometimes they're looking for a puppy to immediately fill a void or start anew; others find they need the passage of time to dull the loss before beginning again. In Cottonwood's case, we've had that happen twice in the past week! Someone falls in love with those coal-black eyes but then someone (the husband, in both cases!) decides he's not quite ready... and so, Cottonwood waits for her prince to rescue her and bring her to his castle. Someday, soon, she will live happily ever after...

Thursday, July 03, 2008

A First: Pup Heads for Cuba

Little Cedar, one of two females remaining from Sedona's litter, is heading for Guantanamo Bay to join her new family, a couple serving in the US Navy and stationed at the naval base there. She's very excited about the move, and has picked out her favorite bathing suit. We thought of packing some sunscreen and shades but will leave those to her new owners. Lots of splashing in the waves await this lucky pup!

Thus, we have our little Cottonwood as last female available from this litter. She has the whitest fur of the group, a bit smaller than the others but catching up rapidly. We still think she looks like one of those little seal pups you see in pictures from northern Canada!