Monday, March 28, 2005

Lab Report

Now two weeks old, our beautiful labrador retriever pups' eyes have opened. Really fun stuff, if you've never done it. We have three daughters and this is our fourth litter. This time all the puppies are yellow.

So what do pups that open their eyes for the first time do? They gaze, of course. Eyes are initially a brilliant blue. They love to stare and blink. It's all a wonder to them for, at the same time, their little ears begin to open and they become mobile as well. Ahh, nature! The volume of noise from the whelping box goes up exponentially at this stage. Each pup begins jockeying for position in the litter pecking order, probably from this stage.

Our pups are first rate, and I'm not saying that because they're cute! Really. Great AKC lines--#1 ranked US and Canada on our female, Bromley's side, and AKC champ lines on the sire as well, Blackdux Daily News. Will provide more in a later post.