Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Holidays! Litter is here!!!

Just in time for Christmas?! Bromley's long awaited litter arrived last night over the span of nine hours. Three males and five females were born to the proud parents of Bromley's Yankee Doodle and Legacy's Willcare Nicholas, a.k.a. Bromley and Nicholas. All pups weighed in at about 1 lb.

The puppies will be eight weeks on December 22 so we thought what a better theme than the " Happy Holidays". You're looking at Rudolph. Yes, his nose is pink but his fur is red. Not much to look at yet but just wait--his eyes will open in two weeks and he'll multiply in size twelve-fold between now and Christmas.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Puppies Due Oct. 23-25

Our yellow lab, Bromley, is showing signs of motherhood in a big way, and we mean BIG! The last week of maternity is always interesting, and she is suddenly showing significant girth. Stasia and Anastasia have been taking her on morning walks to help keep her physically strong and prepared for whelping. The final week will consist of shorter walks and a lot of resting up. Bromley enjoys puppies more than any other dog we know.